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Wassup Hijup?

I was mindlessly surfing through pennolsen.com (who knew technopreneurship could be interesting!) when an photo caught my eye. And ooh, shopaholic tendencies kicked in almost immediately. Can you blame me? Featuring a collection of clothes and accessories from various designers … Continue reading

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License to be free?

A few years back, while on holiday in Syria, I met a really nice couple from Australia who have been traveling the globe for the past, get this, 18 months. I know by backpackers standards, I’m sure that’s like * … Continue reading

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The bags are packed but…

You know that song don’t you, ” All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”. Well my bags are packed for my trip to Dubai for the Education without Borders Conference but I’m not sure I’m ready to head … Continue reading

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Life in Black and White

If one day, colours cease to exist and we are all forced to see the world in shades of grey, I sure hope i’ll be able to view it through Elena Zhukova’s eyes. Maybe its the sense of surrealism that’s … Continue reading

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Muffled Mafia

What makes a good company Dinner and Dance? Good Food, great ambiance, interesting stage presentations… and if one of them falls flat on the face, theres always the opportunity to dress up. The theme this time was Mafia Night. I … Continue reading

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Going balloony over balloons

I have to admit, I have a weird obsession with balloons. There’s just something about the floating shapes, colours and its potential to be released into freedom that just strikes a chord in me. (And yes, unfortunately, I do know … Continue reading

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Colour Ecstasy

I was on yet another app download frenzy when i discovered works by a Chinese female photographer Latika Chan. Can i say mind blowing? And of course, vintage themed shots. My Favourite. 🙂 Colours, colours, colours!

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