Sweets for my sweet

When I was younger, it used to be a masochistic habit of mine to read Charlie and the chocolate factory while I was fasting. As if the thirst and hunger wasn’t obvious enough, I had to tempt myself with the chocolate river, a full meal in a bubble gum and fantasy candy that can blow my mind away.

Somewhere along the way, I found out that thinking about sinful food can actually make you fat, and Charlie has remained at the back of the bookshelf since.

But the collection below, I really cant resist sharing. Christian Dior really knows how to appeal to a girl’s sweet tooth, don’t you think?


About Zubz Kadir

Zubz Kadir is the founder of StartMyMummyBusiness.com She is also a self-professed: Travel Addict. Chocolate Lover. A champion of the whole ‘design -your -own -life’ mindset. Camera shy, a work from home mum who relishes every single moment spent with with the little one. Realtor who blogs at PropertyRocking.com, Dreamer who wants to own dwellings around the world, if possible a cave in Spain, a castle in Scotland & a farm in New Zealand.
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