Love HFW – Day #2 Formal Wear

It’s day 2 of HFW and the submissions by the participants so far has been nothing less than amazing !

The theme for day 2 is formal wear and for this occasion I tried to channel my inner Carolina Herrera to the following effect.

Thrifted White Shirt Massimo Dutti, Black Satin Skirt – Seiyu Bugis, Silver Headband – Somewhere in Malacca, Shoes , Vintage – Haji Lane Bugis, White Belt- erm., Chain- HnM, Bag – Spitalfield’s Market London.

Let’s imagine intending a chi-chi black and white dinner party at a swanky location and meeting up with all the gorgeous HFW participants at this link.

*winks* we can dream, can’t we?


About Zubz Kadir

Zubz Kadir is the founder of She is also a self-professed: Travel Addict. Chocolate Lover. A champion of the whole ‘design -your -own -life’ mindset. Camera shy, a work from home mum who relishes every single moment spent with with the little one. Realtor who blogs at, Dreamer who wants to own dwellings around the world, if possible a cave in Spain, a castle in Scotland & a farm in New Zealand.
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10 Responses to Love HFW – Day #2 Formal Wear

  1. tryitsober says:

    Super cute!! I think the headband creates a marvelous effect! One of my favorites 😀

  2. ok i love the satin skirt there n the bag is just soooo unique! =) nice style btw dear..

  3. salam sis
    I love those satin skirt and those bag so gorgeous
    is it real bag? so punk- hip!!>.<
    the way you wrap scarf is beautiful
    Love Black&White color ^ ^
    you are beautiful in them my sister

  4. YazmiinAktar says:

    love the bag! i see many of the in london!


  5. Wow, nice pop look. I like that bag! Nice touch 🙂

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