Going balloony over balloons

I have to admit, I have a weird obsession with balloons.

There’s just something about the floating shapes, colours and its potential to be released into freedom that just strikes a chord in me. (And yes, unfortunately, I do know about the impact balloons have on fishes who accidentally choke on them, so I don’t really make it a habit to release them into the air although the prospect more then tempts me).

I like them so much that I sorta begged my buds to collect the hydrogen filled balloons from the shop on the day of my wedding so that I could have them in my photos.

Although the wind wasn’t exactly in my favour, ( i never got the Sofia Coppola dior effect like the one below),  i guess it turned out well enough for the photo album!

And since I do not have the time to go for my own bright sunlight, perfect upright balloon picture, I’ll just swoon over these picture perfect balloon shots.


About Zubz Kadir

Zubz Kadir is the founder of StartMyMummyBusiness.com She is also a self-professed: Travel Addict. Chocolate Lover. A champion of the whole ‘design -your -own -life’ mindset. Camera shy, a work from home mum who relishes every single moment spent with with the little one. Realtor who blogs at PropertyRocking.com, Dreamer who wants to own dwellings around the world, if possible a cave in Spain, a castle in Scotland & a farm in New Zealand.
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2 Responses to Going balloony over balloons

  1. leadinglight says:

    Those are very nice images of balloons.

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