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Life in Black and White

If one day, colours cease to exist and we are all forced to see the world in shades of grey, I sure hope i’ll be able to view it through Elena Zhukova’s eyes. Maybe its the sense of surrealism that’s … Continue reading

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Back to Work

You know the great sense of high you get when you’re a full -time student, where the potential is so vast and the world is yours for the taking? And then you send out all those resumes and you start … Continue reading

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Muffled Mafia

What makes a good company Dinner and Dance? Good Food, great ambiance, interesting stage presentations… and if one of them falls flat on the face, theres always the opportunity to dress up. The theme this time was Mafia Night. I … Continue reading

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Spring Blues

Its hot out there. Im not sure how else to describe the sweltering heat that just makes you want to rip off all the layers and dunk into a pool of ice. So maybe its good that HnM’s spring collection … Continue reading

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Going balloony over balloons

I have to admit, I have a weird obsession with balloons. There’s just something about the floating shapes, colours and its potential to be released into freedom that just strikes a chord in me. (And yes, unfortunately, I do know … Continue reading

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Sweet Valentine

I don’t celebrate V-day but I have to admit that Katy Perry’s make up and stage set up looks good at the Grammy’s this year. I’ve always been fascinated by how anyone could make that much colourful make up look … Continue reading

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