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Splish Splash

The rain has been relentlessly falling since Saturday. I’m really wishing I had the company (and comfort) of these gorgeous Wellingtons before I make my trek out of the house today. Im still not sure whether I’d still be splashing … Continue reading

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Sparkle like Marina and the Diamonds

Im not too sure if I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America, but im loving’ how she rocks the red red lips and kohled eyes. Colour Blast, Check. Quirky Prints, Check. Retro Shades, Check. Bookmarked as Fashion Inspiration, Check!

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Drama on the Catwalk

Don’t you think Christian Dior’s new line just grabs you at hello? Exuding an OTT 1950 glamour vibe, the entire collection is a perfect mix of theater, drama, femininity and elegance all rolled into one. The detailing, draping and just … Continue reading

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Sun. Love. Eat.

A hungry tummy post lecture brought me to SunLove Cafe on River Valley Road where they serve their kaya toast with lotsa lurrvee. Outfit wise, i went with totally laid back ( because I was oh-so-late for class) but with … Continue reading

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School’s in, Fred’s Out (of the closet!)

The new semester has started, and looking preppy has always come hand in hand with hitting the books. What better way than to take cue from Fred Perry’s starched looks. The only thing that’s more awesome than Fred Perry’s Collection … Continue reading

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I managed to catch Christina Aguilera’s new movie over the weekend and,boy, was it a sight for tired eyes. But for me, that was pretty much the highlight of the movie, the weak, predictable plot, the association between sexuality and … Continue reading

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Hot Break

A perfect break to a hot hot day in Singapore. Chocolate Ice-cream in Pandan Flavoured Bread. There goes my diet but mmmmmm….Im not gonna have a hernia about it anytime soon. 🙂

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