A dress a day

I stumbled upon Marisa’s blog, New Dress a day,  a few days back and it was teeming with creativity that I spent the next few days devouring all of her pages. Inspired by the book Eat, Pray, Love written by Elizabeth Gilbert, Marisa turns $1 into eye- catching, fashionable outfits that she actually wears out.

In Singapore thrift stores are almost non-existent ( I actually calculated the cost of setting a physical one up but the figures just dont match up) and the price of ‘Authentic’ vintage dresses are inflated so much that the price of one dress could buy me three at Forever 21. (Maybe thats why i decided to set up my own site and import the dresses myself but more about that another day. )

I have to admit, I cringed whenever Marisa chopped up dresses with long sleeves (especially those really pretty ones with buttons! ) because long sleeves are pretty much a rare find and as a Hijabi, it makes a huge difference! But then it got me thinking, if she could do it so can I.

Thanks Marisa for the inspiration. Stay tuned folks!


About Zubz Kadir

Zubz Kadir is the founder of StartMyMummyBusiness.com She is also a self-professed: Travel Addict. Chocolate Lover. A champion of the whole ‘design -your -own -life’ mindset. Camera shy, a work from home mum who relishes every single moment spent with with the little one. Realtor who blogs at PropertyRocking.com, Dreamer who wants to own dwellings around the world, if possible a cave in Spain, a castle in Scotland & a farm in New Zealand.
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